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Predicting Yelp Review Quality

Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to predict the usefulness of Yelp reviews given the review text and metadata surrounding the reviews.
Jeff Johannsen
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Radionuclide Release Analysis

The main objective of this exercise was to analyze the quality of open-access radionuclide release datasets, by identifying patterns, trends, unusual values, and missing data to inform regulatory legal submissions related to nuclear transparency and data disclosure for the Canadian Nuclear...
Alan Rial
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Transport for London Tube-Twin-Passenger-Forcasting-System

The London Underground (aka “The Tube”) is a network of train stations which connects the city. Understanding the behaviour of this tube network will help the management make key decisions on improving the network and offering better customers experience.
Fielami Emmanuel David
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Python Code Challenge

Single Element in a Sorted Array. You are given a sorted array consisting of only integers where every element appears exactly twice, except for one element which appears exactly once. Return the single element that appears only once. Your solution must run in O(log n) time and O(1) space.
Fielami Emmanuel David
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Image Classification

Image classification is the process of categorizing and labeling groups of pixels or vectors within an image based on specific rules. The categorization law can be devised using one or more spectral or textural characteristics. Two general methods of classification are 'supervised' and 'unsupervised
Fielami Emmanuel David
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Binary Classification

Binary classification is the task of classifying the elements of a set into two groups (each called class) on the basis of a classification rule.
Fielami Emmanuel David
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Spam Email Classification Model

Created ML and DL models which classify emails as spam or not spam. Includes Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and ANN and LSTM Deep Learning Models. Deployed the model as a Web Application using Streamlit.
Neil Tejnani
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Public Health Analytics: Investigating the Global Demographic Impact of COVID-19

This project offers two sets of visual representations regarding public health during the global pandemic. The first focuses on the worldwide implementation of social measures aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19. The second examines the demographic disparities in Long-Covid symptoms.
Shixing Lin
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Nigeria Crude_oil Production Analysis

Crude Oil Production in Nigeria is expected to be 1300.00 BBL/D/1K by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.
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Medical Cost Personal - Predict Insurance

Through this project, we are trying to help insurance companies to predict the cost of insurance premiums based on the background of the insurance beneficiary. With the limited availability of features, the resulting model can provide a fairly good performance.
Fajar Tirtayasa
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My first project

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Pasquale Bruno
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Anomaly detection with IsolationForest

Project to analyse anomalies spent by corporate credit cards of Brazilian government.
Guilherme Ludwig
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Formality Neural Machine Translation

Our project aims to use and compare Neural Machine Translation models for translation of informal English sentences to formal English sentences. Initially, we imagined this functionality to be useful for new English speakers who are trying to navigate the way native English speakers speak...
Julie Lai
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Secure the Bag

A platform designed for users to gain a deeper understanding of food insecurity in California. Predictive models are used to create data visualizations demonstrating the historical and future trends in food security in California. Tools for machine learning implemented to have users interact and...
Pauline Yue
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Academic Publications

Mitigating Dataset Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Through Automatic Contextual Data Augmentation and Learning Optimization (LREC 2022 - Main Author), CLFD: A Novel Vectorization Technique and Its Application in Fake News Detection (LREC 2020 - Main Author).
Michael Mersinias
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Cesar Cruz Rojo
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Upskilling with Ubiqum Code Academy

A 500-hours project-based course where the students develop and hone hands-on skills in Data analysis, Data visualisation and Machine Learning modelling with a variety of tools and programming languages (part-time, until end of March 2022). This is equipping me with the necessary skills and...
Alexandra Florea
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Climate events in the United States in 2017

Using a dataset on climate events in the US in 2017 to try to correlate the damage caused by natural disasters in the United States with the price of home insurance. But also, we can establish a temporal visualization of event occurrences to determine on which seasons each type of event...
Rhizlaine DEGNI
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Customer Churn Prediction

Created an interpretable model that predicts churn on telecom data found on Kaggle (F1: 0.796) to build a pipeline to try and retain more customers. Used SMOTE to oversample minority class (churned customers) which improved the F1 score from 0.61 to 0.80. Engineered new features, for example,...
Jack Leitch
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Student Performance Predictor Application

• End-to-end application that predicts the student performance based on his/her prior educational and geographic records. The dataset was created synthetically for training and analyzed using seaborn library. • The application was built using Python and trained using a Random Forest model and...
Rashmi Badadale
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