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Project photo

Spotify Recommender and Visualizer

By generating global song recommendations towards highlighting global talent and multilingual songs, our project aims to create a more diverse experience to music listeners while also providing a fun user experience by generating live, audio-responsive artistic visuals.
Julie Lai
Project photo

Using R Shiny to Inform Community Officials

Using a leaflet interactive map, we created a multilevel, informational dashboard that enables community officials to develop better insights into their population, facilities, and areas in need. This project utilized data from Census reports, facilities information, housing, and abandoned...
Brianna King
Project photo

Goodreads - Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup

A mug of coffee and my favorite novel, an ideal day for me. But deciding which novel to read is a tedious job, I always go for Goodreads for recommendation and reviewing of the novel. Goodreads is one the world’s largest community for reviewing and recommending books. As a voracious reader,...
Akriti Sood
Project photo

The Effect of Greyscale on Screentime

A high amount of screen time and phone use can have a serious effect on mental health and physical well being. To tackle this issue, our project explores the use of removing colors from mobile phones to reduce overall screen time. This project’s results show that even with a specific treatment...
Julie Lai
Project photo

Sartorius Cell Segmentation Competition

In this competition i detected and delineate distinct objects of interest in biological phase contrast microscopy images depicting neuronal cell types commonly used in the study of neurological disorders. At first, i tried with a UNet with transfer learning using the Imagenet weights,then , i...
Alberto Zorzetto
Project photo

Kepler Mission: Celestial Bodies Classification

Classification of the observed objects by Kepler orbital telescope as Exoplanets or not.
Alberto Monaco

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