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Spotify Recommender and Visualizer

By generating global song recommendations towards highlighting global talent and multilingual songs, our project aims to create a more diverse experience to music listeners while also providing a fun user experience by generating live, audio-responsive artistic visuals.
Julie Lai
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Using R Shiny to Inform Community Officials

Using a leaflet interactive map, we created a multilevel, informational dashboard that enables community officials to develop better insights into their population, facilities, and areas in need. This project utilized data from Census reports, facilities information, housing, and abandoned...
Brianna King
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Goodreads - Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup

A mug of coffee and my favorite novel, an ideal day for me. But deciding which novel to read is a tedious job, I always go for Goodreads for recommendation and reviewing of the novel. Goodreads is one the world’s largest community for reviewing and recommending books. As a voracious reader,...
Akriti Sood
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The Effect of Greyscale on Screentime

A high amount of screen time and phone use can have a serious effect on mental health and physical well being. To tackle this issue, our project explores the use of removing colors from mobile phones to reduce overall screen time. This project’s results show that even with a specific treatment...
Julie Lai
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Sartorius Cell Segmentation Competition

In this competition i detected and delineate distinct objects of interest in biological phase contrast microscopy images depicting neuronal cell types commonly used in the study of neurological disorders. At first, i tried with a UNet with transfer learning using the Imagenet weights,then , i...
Alberto Zorzetto
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Kepler Mission: Celestial Bodies Classification

Classification of the observed objects by Kepler orbital telescope as Exoplanets or not.
Alberto Monaco
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Domesticated Animal Image Classification with Python

In this use case, my colleagues and I collaborated on creating and optimizing a convolutional neural network in order to identify domesticated animals versus non-domesticated animals to assist in funding suggestions for local animal shelters. Using the CIFAR-10 dataset with over 60,000 images,...
Brianna King
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Sentiment247 is an application that detects emotional tone in text data by dictating polarity and determining depression using NLP techniques.
David Oden
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US 2020 Elections Analytics

With my team, we used tweets collected with the Twitter API regarding the US elections of 2020. Using the LDA algorithm, we spotted the most talked topics in the months leading up to the election and for a short period after it. We also trained ML models with annotated data for gender...
Angelos Moavinis
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Formal and informal social networks in learning and education. A case study of experiential learning for social change

Analytically documenting the example of a rapidly growing interdisciplinary knowledge and skills hub, FabLab - Social Fabrics Research Lab at West University of Timisoara, built from the interplay of personal and professional relationships and formal and informal affiliations.
Alexandra Florea
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Strava Kudos Predictor

Created a tool that predicts kudos, a proxy for user interaction, on Strava activities (RMSE: 9.41) to see if it was random or if different attributes impact kudos in different ways. Attained over 4000 Strava activities using the Strava API and python. Engineered new features using domain...
Jack Leitch
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Recipe Recommendation System

Created a tool that recommends recipes based on ingredients inputted to help students eat better food. Scraped over 4000 recipes from All Recipes and Jamie Oliver using python and beautiful soup. Parsed recipe ingredients and created word embeddings using Word2Vec and TF-IDF. Created a recipe...
Jack Leitch
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Alexandra Marks

Data Scientist at Square

Based in London, UK


Quantitative economics graduate, love crypto and fintech.



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Quantitative methodological approaches to citizenship and migration

Quantitative research methods are a powerful set of tools in gauging the measurable aspects of social phenomena, in this case, migration and citizenship. This chapter elaborates on two main aspects: methods and measurement. With the advent of increased computing power and data availability.

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Development of a Predictive Web App for heart disease detection

Machine learning techniques were used to create a model for heart disease prediction, and the model was deployed on the Heroku cloud using Flask backend technology.

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2020 - Present

Data Scientist at Square

Machine learning to detect fraud transactions. Stakeholders management having to collaborate with Product Manager, Business managers and engineers on a daily basis.


2009 - 2012

Quantitative Economics - University of London

This bachelor degree course gave me the capacity to apply quantitative solutions to economic problems in the financial and business fields.

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