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Natural Language Processing

Fake Review Detection and Sentiment Analysis

Fake reviews often damage the reputation and integrity of services such as Yelp. In this project fake reviews were created using natural language processing and n-gram and gpt2 models were used to discern between real and fake reviews. A sentiment analysis on the reviews was also performed to create more context around the business use case of fake reviews and how often the fake reviews are negative. The models used trained weights from BERT and DistilBERT to improve the accuracy of the models.

NLP Tensorflow Keras Neural Networks
Project photo

Computer Vision

OpenCV Auto Attendance management system

An attendance management system based on faces trained with AI technique. An interactive GUI with TKINTER

Python Machine learning Computer vision Data analysis
Project photo

Time Series Forecasting

Automated Cross-Validation Framework for Time Series Model Selection

Created an automated framework for a demand forecasting problem to choose the best-performing model on a weekly basis. The models considered are: Facebook Prophet Moving Average Simple Exponential Smoothing Holt Winter's ARIMA.

Python ARIMA Prophet Pandas Matplotlib Data Wrangling EDA
Project photo

Machine Learning, Data visualisation

Spotify Recommender and Visualizer

By generating global song recommendations towards highlighting global talent and multilingual songs, our project aims to create a more diverse experience to music listeners while also providing a fun user experience by generating live, audio-responsive artistic visuals.

Machine Learning Cluster Models CSS Data Visualization JavaScript HTML Heroku
Project photo

Data Science for Business Applications | Auto ML

Data Science for Dummies | Data Voyager

Developing an application that serves as an automated E2E machine learning pipeline aimed at users who are interested in machine learning but lack the techincal skillset or time to dive in.

CRISP-DM Application Model Deployment Automation Product Management Data Architecture Data Pipeline
Project photo

Machine Learning

California Wildfires

Wildfires are becoming more common and destructive in California. This project aims to classify and predict how big a wildfire may become by training models on a variety of weather conditions to help provide more information to prevent large wildfires.

Python Machine learning Predictive Modeling
Project photo

Natural Language Processing

Named Entity Recognition for Icelandic

In this project a BERT model is applied to an Icelandic NER corpus. The model is evaluated using 10-fold cross-validation, and from this evaluation an F1-score of 89.24 is obtained.

Python NLP Bert
Project photo


Anomaly detection with IsolationForest

Project to analyse anomalies spent by corporate credit cards of Brazilian government.

Python SQLite IsolationForest
Project photo

Data analytics

US 2020 Elections Analytics

With my team, we used tweets collected with the Twitter API regarding the US elections of 2020. Using the LDA algorithm, we spotted the most talked topics in the months leading up to the election and for a short period after it. We also trained ML models with annotated data for gender prediction, age prediction, political affiliation prediction, and we calculated the emotion and subjectivity features. We applied these models to present charts with our findings in a Web application. Finally, we did tweet clustering based on the LDA representation of each tweet and we spotted 3 tweet clusters.

Twitter API Machine learning Python Pandas Data visualisation Clustering Spark


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