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Chioma Onyido

Data Analyst/ Bioinformatician

Based in Lagos, Nigeria


Hello! Welcome to my space where I keep record of all the cool things I have done/ can do with data. I'm currently engaged in various bioinformatics projects, looking to merge my Molecular Biology/Biochemistry background with Data analysis, with a special interest in Python and R for data cleaning and visualization, ML and health predictive analytics. I'm open to internship/ volunteering opportunities where I can apply my skills and knowledge to the continued growth and success of any team.





Budding Bioinformatician

• Analyzing genomic data using linux and R programming language. • Used i-TASSER and Phyre software tools to Predict protein structure and function. • Performing Multiple sequence and structure alignment using Jalview, ClustalOmega, Ugene, TCoffee and MUSCLE software tools. • Clustering to identify patterns in genomic data using packages in R.


Academic Researcher

• I conduct systematic literature review using standard guidelines, professional writing tools and reference managers, Excel for data analysis and visualization. • I prepare fact sheets, tables and graphs to summarize research results using Microsoft office • I published two articles in high-impact journals from dissertation.