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Based in Annaba, Algeria


PhD student in Artificial Intelligence with expertise in machine/deep learning, computer vision, image processing, and data analysis. Proficient in programming languages such as Python, C/C++, and frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. As a student ambassador of OneAPI at Intel, developed a deep understanding of OneAPI and OpenVino toolkit and applied them to real-world projects. Passionate about delivering complex projects and seeking new challenges to apply skills. Seeking an internship to gain hands-on experience applying cutting-edge technologies to real-world problems.




Mars 2023 - June 2023

Machine Learning Engineer Intern

- Built a predictive model to determine the sales of each product at a particular store in BigMat. - Modeling steps include Problem Statement, Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Engineering, Training, and Evaluating Models. - Higher predictive performance achieved.


2011 - 2014

Bachelor's in Computer Science

2014 - 2016

Master Degree in Computer Science - Science and Technology of Information and Communication

2019 - Current

PhD in Artificial Intelligence