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Akash Maurya

Independent Data Scientist

Online, Delhi, India

I wish to work in a growth-oriented environment and on ML, AI, and Data Science projects to utilize the best of my skills.

Python Data Science Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning SQL Data Visualization Streamlit Data Analysis C#.Net C JavaScript


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Computer Vision

OpenCV Auto Attendance management system

An attendance management system based on faces trained with AI technique. An interactive GUI with TKINTER

Python Machine Learning Computer Vision Data Analysis
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Computer Vision

Real Time Emotion Recognition

Emotion recognition system using deep convolutional neural networks. This is a real-time Emotion recognition system, with an accuracy of 81%.

Python Opencv Deep Learning CNN TransferLearning Tensorflow Keras Data Analysis
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Natural Language Procession(NLP)

Sentiment Analysis on IMDB Data

Sentiment Analysis on IMDB Dataset I have used two methods to do it. one is with sentiment lexicons. The second is without them. can be found in my repo.

Python Deep Learning Keras Natural Language Procession(NLP) Data Analysis
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Rock Paper Scissors game

This project is a Rock Paper Scissors game based on AI. I have used the CNN model. I have my own data for it. It will open the camera. Will ask you to show your gesture and show the result.

Python Machine Learning Data Science Data Preprocessing Exploratory Data Analysis