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Julie Lai

Data Scientist

Chicago, IL (Remote)

I am a Data Scientist who loves using ML techniques to reveal narratives in data and create predictive models for future insights.

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Machine Learning, Data Visualization

Spotify Recommender and Visualizer

By generating global song recommendations towards highlighting global talent and multilingual songs, our project aims to create a more diverse experience to music listeners while also providing a fun user experience by generating live, audio-responsive artistic visuals.

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NLP, Machine Translation

Formality Neural Machine Translation

Our project aims to use and compare Neural Machine Translation models for translation of informal English sentences to formal English sentences. Initially, we imagined this functionality to be useful for new English speakers who are trying to navigate the way native English speakers speak informally. However, this model could also be useful for any individual who wants to make their text more formal, such as for emails or for academic papers.

Natural Language Processing Formality Translation Tensorflow LSTM
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Statistics, Modeling

The Effect of Greyscale on Screentime

A high amount of screen time and phone use can have a serious effect on mental health and physical well being. To tackle this issue, our project explores the use of removing colors from mobile phones to reduce overall screen time. This project’s results show that even with a specific treatment to make phones unappealing to use, there is not a statistically significant change in phone usage after changing the screen filter to greyscale.

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Data Visualization

Exploring Music Through Data Visualization

In this project, we hope to explore the different qualities of music throughout history. Some insights that can be gained from the information presented on this page include predicting the next big trends in music, learning musical preferences in different parts of the world, and learning about seasonal shifts in music preferences.

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