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Jay Bendre

Software Engineer @ Amazon | Ex-Google

Based in Davis, California


Software Engineer @ Amazon | Ex- Data Scientist at Google and Ex- Analytics Consultant at Deloitte




Jan 2023 - Jul 2023

Data Scientist @ WiLo Networks

• Tested 3 weather monitoring sensors on 20 InfluxDB dataset buckets using Grainger causal inference by A/B testing • Compared and modeled various ARIMA time series modeling methods with 89% accuracy for forecasting weather data • Researched the effectiveness of LSTM and RCNN models to run on low-power processors for IoT Raspberry Pi3 devices

Sep' 2022 - Dec' 2022

Data Scientist @ Google

• Assembled a Big Query data interrogation pipeline to analyze 1.5 million customer reviews datasets for Pixel devices • Collaborated with 75 Stakeholders across marketing & business analytics visualizing KPIs using Google Data Studio • Automated data ingestion on Google Cloud Platform using gsutil and BigQuery API, reducing workload on servers • Modeled one-shot learning CNNs for review classification with 93% accuracy, saving $70k in manual data labeling costs

June '22 - September '22

Analytics Consultant Intern @ Deloitte

• Developed 15 API routines to extract results from pre-existing CNN and SVM classification models using Dataiku • Visualized important metrics using Tableau and integrated 5 dashboards into an analytics platform for a flagship project • Optimized database queries and automated ETL pipelines using Python to reduce risk and processing delays by 33% • Summarized footfall & revenue forecasts using data extraction, cleaning, and mining using RNNs with a score of 0.89

Jul 2023 - Present

Software Engineer @ Amazon

Software Engineer under Amazon Traffic Engineering



Masters in Statistics

University of California, Davis


Bachelor's in Engineering- Computer Science

University of Mumbai