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SpaceX Landing Analysis

An analysis of datasets on SpaceX launches and landings.
Turner Luke
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Movies - Ratings and Box Office collection

Data collected by IMDB (audience) & Rotten Tomatoes (critique)
Marco Cutraro
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US Superstore Analysis

Dynamic Dashboard.
Marco Cutraro
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Premier League 2020/2021 Player Stats

Dynamic Dashboard
Marco Cutraro
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Connecting to AWS S3 using Athena and performing data analysis

Connecing AWS S3, and Athena together, query data using SQL and perform exploratory data analysis using python packages pandas and matplotlib all from our jupyter lab.
David Oden
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SQL Examples

SQL practice problems that include both Joins and Subqueries. I had two datasets that I was given questions to answer and used SQL to solve.
Joe Whallon
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Streaming Twitter Sentiment Analysis with AWS & PySpark

The goal of this project was to familiarize myself with AWS tools and processes (especially EC2, S3, Athena and Firehose) + large, unwieldy, dirty datasets and distributed computing software like Databricks by creating a streaming dashboard/pipeline. When operational, it can provide a live...
Jeffrey Ekeanyanwu
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Ride Hailing Apps(Uber & Lyft Price Prediction

Predicted the fare of a cab ride for certain distances based on external factors such as distance, surge prices, weather conditions.
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Django/React Dashboard for educational analytics in the region

This is a data visualization system that shows the analysis prior to a national public database for the purpose of exploring and characterizing the schools in the region. The objective behind the construction of the system was the realization of a university thesis project having relations...
Vicente Figueroa
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Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

This program includes over 180 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based assessments, which help students simulate real-world data analytics scenarios that are critical for success in the workplace. Through a mix of videos, assessments, and hands-on labs, students got introduced to...
Paulo Silva
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Analyze International Debt Statistics

What is the total amount of debt that is owed by the countries listed in the dataset? Which country owns the maximum amount of debt and what does that amount look like? What is the average amount of debt owed by countries across different debt indicators? The data used in this project...
Ioannis Volonakis
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Dashboard Covid

Design of a dashboard to monitor the evolution of the covid 19 infection.
Colin Karczewski
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Development of a GUI software for Sales and Inventory database management

Object-relational management (ORM) was used in the development of a graphical user interface (GUI) software for sales and inventory database control.
Chidiebere Afamefuna
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Automated testing for BawabtAlsharq website

Automate testing for the main website features such as Register, Login, Search, and RFQ for both buyers & suppliers in a B2B e-commerce website called BawabtAlsharq. Libraries Automation Using `Selenium` Connecting the database remotely using `mysql` Finally, run cron jobs on my...
Mahmoud Reda
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Forecasting COVID-19 using Deep Learning

• Forecasted COVID–19 daily case counts for Toronto and main cities in Canada using weather and mobility data. • Developed time series models using Deep Learning techniques like Long-Short Term Memory networks and Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks with a prediction accuracy of 92%.
Krishna Hemanth D.R.V (Rinda)
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SpaceX's Falcon 9 Landing Outcome Prediction

Used machine learning to predict the landing outcome of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket's landing can be affected by a lot of factors, both internal and external. The project was about to discover those factors and predict if the landing was going to be successful or not.
Thiago Macedo
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Analyzing eCommerce Business Performance

This is a project challenge provided by expert tutors from Rakamin Academy to increase their student portfolio. In this project, as a member of the Data Analytics team an eCommerce company in South America has the responsibility to analyze three aspects related to the company's business...
Arif Budiman
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Open Source Blockchain Project

Passionate about the world of cryptocurrency and wallets, I embarked on a project to create an open-source blockchain solution with a wallet. I am convinced that the blockchain universe is a growing universe with multiple possibilities and opportunities.
Serge Amoungui
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Twitch Viewer Data Analysis

This small project report, provided by Codecademy in partnership with the Twitch Science Team, looks at Twitch stream and chat data. I use SQL to query insights, which I then display using the Matplotlib library.
Stephen Ellingson
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ESPN API and Database

This project creates a custom database to hold scores and statistics data across several sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey). By reverse engineering ESPN's hidden API endpoints I was able to create my own API. In addition, there is an entire ETL pipeline built to transform ESPN's...
Eric Mozeika
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