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For each assessment, students must score 90%. Learners build logistic regression and decision tree models to predict earthquake damage to buildings. They extract data from a SQLite database, and reveal the biases in data that can lead to discrimination. -Queried an SQL database. -Performed a...
Heathcliff Nyambiya
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Indonesian Abusive and Hate Speech Twitter Text Analysis

Text Analysis and API documentation for Text Processing of Negative Tweets in Indonesia
Aldimeola Alfarisy
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TEMU Ecommerce Business Analytics

This project examines the surging e-commerce platform, TEMU, with market segmentation analysis, competitor performance evaluations, and sales prediction through polynomial regression model.
Shixing Lin
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Long COVID data in SQL & Tableau dashboard

Diverse long COVID symptoms showcased in SQL and Tableau dashboard.
Jennifer HY Lin
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20-21 Covid Death Exploration

A global exploration of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths attributed to Covid in 2020-2021
Chandrika Jones
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E-commerce data analysis & Dashboards

E-Commerce Companys' Performance Analysis (2014-2018) The project is on analyzing an E-commerce company's 4 years of performance in the USA. Data Preparations: Tableau Prep & SQL Data Visualization: Tableau
Pritom Bhowmik
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Data Modeling for Sparkify

A music streaming company, Sparkify, has decided that it is time to introduce more automation and monitoring to the data they collected. The case study depicts the choices that can be made by Sparkify to model and engineer the data.
Sagar Dhungel
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Analysis S&P-500 / análisis S&P-500

Data analysis about the data of stock index S&P-500, specifically about companys that make it up, comercial sectors, space in time, and the headquarters of the companies. Proyecto análisis de datos sobre el índice bursátil S&P500, en específico sobre las empresas que lo conforman. análisis por...
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SQL Based Ping Pong Ranking System

Ping pong ranking system, based on chess ELO rankings, that my friends and I use to decide who is actually better at ping pong! The app is built and deployed using Streamlit with a SQL BigQuery backend.
Jack Leitch
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SQL Analysis - Northwind dataset

Link to queries and results: https://tinyurl.com/notion-sql
Edi Pirnat
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Pitchfork Over the Years

I used Matplotlib to produce several visualizations of long term trends for the ratings on the online music magazine Pitchfork. I also used SQL to produce summary statistics about the data. In this project, I found that Pitchfork's scores have been rising since 2009 as a result of a decline in...
Kevin Johnson
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Extracting Data using YouTube API

The aim of this project is to work with real data using YouTube API to collect video statistics from the freeCodeCamp channel. The data extracted were view, like and comment counts for each YouTube video. A data pipeline was built so it has been possible to pull new data and upload into a...
Thiago Pauli
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SpaceX Landing Analysis

An analysis of datasets on SpaceX launches and landings.
Turner Luke
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Movies - Ratings and Box Office collection

Data collected by IMDB (audience) & Rotten Tomatoes (critique)
Marco Cutraro
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US Superstore Analysis

Dynamic Dashboard.
Marco Cutraro
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Premier League 2020/2021 Player Stats

Dynamic Dashboard
Marco Cutraro
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Connecting to AWS S3 using Athena and performing data analysis

Connecing AWS S3, and Athena together, query data using SQL and perform exploratory data analysis using python packages pandas and matplotlib all from our jupyter lab.
David Oden
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SQL Examples

SQL practice problems that include both Joins and Subqueries. I had two datasets that I was given questions to answer and used SQL to solve.
Joe Whallon
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Streaming Twitter Sentiment Analysis with AWS & PySpark

The goal of this project was to familiarize myself with AWS tools and processes (especially EC2, S3, Athena and Firehose) + large, unwieldy, dirty datasets and distributed computing software like Databricks by creating a streaming dashboard/pipeline. When operational, it can provide a live...
Jeffrey Ekeanyanwu
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Ride Hailing Apps(Uber & Lyft Price Prediction

Predicted the fare of a cab ride for certain distances based on external factors such as distance, surge prices, weather conditions.
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