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Nigeria Vehicles Price Prediction

The art of pricing is not an easy task and is sometimes only done by experts in the field, but with the study of historical data, it is possible to find patterns that lead to results just as well. With this project, I built a model that can predict the price of used cars, given a set of...
Segun Adedipe
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Radionuclide Release Analysis

The main objective of this exercise was to analyze the quality of open-access radionuclide release datasets, by identifying patterns, trends, unusual values, and missing data to inform regulatory legal submissions related to nuclear transparency and data disclosure for the Canadian Nuclear...
Alan Rial
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Transport for London Tube-Twin-Passenger-Forcasting-System

The London Underground (aka “The Tube”) is a network of train stations which connects the city. Understanding the behaviour of this tube network will help the management make key decisions on improving the network and offering better customers experience.
Fielami Emmanuel David
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Customer Churn Prediction - My Intership Project End to End From Scratch

Pull and process raw data from the database, create a new data table at the customer level from raw data, make customer behaviour, demographics and product journey analysis, make customer segmentation from insight gathered, and make customer churn modeling to predict customers who will churn...
Yoga Fatwanto
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Public Health Analytics: Investigating the Global Demographic Impact of COVID-19

This project offers two sets of visual representations regarding public health during the global pandemic. The first focuses on the worldwide implementation of social measures aimed at controlling the spread of Covid-19. The second examines the demographic disparities in Long-Covid symptoms.
Shixing Lin
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Nigeria Crude_oil Production Analysis

Crude Oil Production in Nigeria is expected to be 1300.00 BBL/D/1K by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.
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Determining Deviant Behaviour amongst youth in Lagos State

Deviant behaviour is a global concern. In this study, the deviant behaviour among youths in Lagos state was investigated. The objectives are to determine and compare the rate, investigate the pattern, develop statistical model for the prevalent deviant behaviour. https://github.com/Blessi/R-code-in
Blessing Ehinmowo
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Secure the Bag

A platform designed for users to gain a deeper understanding of food insecurity in California. Predictive models are used to create data visualizations demonstrating the historical and future trends in food security in California. Tools for machine learning implemented to have users interact and...
Pauline Yue
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Germany Rental

It's very hard for foreigners like me to find an apartment in Germany and we actually don't know how much do we have to pay per month. So, I dig deep in analysis, clean, virtualization, and creating a model by using Light Gradient Boost (similar to XGBoost but faster!) to predict the rental...
Patawee Ratanaruengwatna
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Upskilling with Ubiqum Code Academy

A 500-hours project-based course where the students develop and hone hands-on skills in Data analysis, Data visualisation and Machine Learning modelling with a variety of tools and programming languages (part-time, until end of March 2022). This is equipping me with the necessary skills and...
Alexandra Florea
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Climate events in the United States in 2017

Using a dataset on climate events in the US in 2017 to try to correlate the damage caused by natural disasters in the United States with the price of home insurance. But also, we can establish a temporal visualization of event occurrences to determine on which seasons each type of event...
Rhizlaine DEGNI
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Student Performance Predictor Application

• End-to-end application that predicts the student performance based on his/her prior educational and geographic records. The dataset was created synthetically for training and analyzed using seaborn library. • The application was built using Python and trained using a Random Forest model and...
Rashmi Badadale
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Analysing volumes of Demon Slayer manga on Amazon

Created an interactive web app that allows users to view summarized data of user reviews of the popular manga "Demon Slayer" on Amazon. Used web scraping tools such as Beautifulsoup to extract the user reviews for each volume of the manga into a .json file. Analyzed the reviews using data...
Clavin Dsouza
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Access to the education around the world

In this project, data are collected from different databases. The main objective was to produce a dashboard and segmentation to explain the differences in access to school around the world. Clustering algorithms are used and 4 groups were found. With the help of these clusters, we can imagine...
Cécile Guillot
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Coviprev Analysis

French gouvernment with the help of "Santé Publique France" made a survey about mental health of French people during the Covid19 crisis. Results of this survey are available on Internet on the website data.gouv.fr. In this project, I use the data to study the impact of the Covid19 and the...
Cécile Guillot
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2019 NBA Final: Twitter Analysis

An Analysis of Tweets posted during 2019 NBA Finals with Infographics.
Edoardo Gervasoni
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Epidemiological Simulation

simulation and visualization of the propagation of a virus in a population according to different parameters. Then mathematical validation thanks to epidemiological models with compartments.
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No-code AI platform

The No-code AI platform is a site developed with Python and deployed with Streamlit, which allows to do Machine/Deep Learning without writing any line of code.
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NHS App Analytics Dashboard (V1.4)

Co-developer of the NHS App Dashboard (v1.4). Developed in Tableau, The NHS App dashboard enables over 33k analysts across the health system to see how many patients are using the NHS App across England, and which features they are using. It can be accessed by anyone with an NHS email address....
Mary Amanuel
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Salary Prediction in Tech Jobs

How much should someone earn based on level education and experience? Despite the fact that salary may not always be the primary motivation for accepting a job offer or staying in a role. The objective is to make accurate salary predictions based on existing known salaries by job and location....
Thiago Pauli
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