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Christian Meyer

Data Scientist Consultant at Accenture | Analytics at Carnegie Mellon University

San Francisco, CA, United States

Python SQL R SAS MySQL Tableau Tableau Prep Google BigQuery MongoDB CPLEX Power Query Juypter


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Data Science for Business Applications | Auto ML

Data Science for Dummies | Data Voyager

Developing an application that serves as an automated E2E machine learning pipeline aimed at users who are interested in machine learning but lack the techincal skillset or time to dive in.

CRISP-DM Application Model Deployment Consumer Product Automation Product Management Data Architecture Front-End Development Data Pipeline Communicating Complex Concepts
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Data Science for Business Applications

Unsupervised Learning to Forecast Real Estate Trends

Forecasted the best cities to invest in by scraping data from online sources and utilizing k-means clustering to explore the relationship between cluster features and house price growth

K-means Web-scraping Data Mining
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Data Science for Business Applications | Auto ML

Retail Investing with Neural Networks

Designed and developed a fully automated data pipeline that retrieves and processes the historical data of any stock the user selects and then trains various deep learning models to predict future prices over various intervals.

Time Series Data Mining Neural Networks Investment Strategy Deep Learning LTSMs MLPs Auto ML Product Strategy
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Data Science for Business Applications

Developing Marketing Strategy through Supervised Learning

Applied the CRISP-DM methodology on real-world data of a Portuguese bank's marketing campaign and implements various classification models to determine key target groups of customers

Logistic Regression Decision Tree Random Forest Optimization Data Mining Model Evaluation through Business Outcomes